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Sales Quota Attainment: Tips and Best Practices

Sales Quota Attainment: Tips and Best Practices

Sales Quota Attainment: Tips and Best Practices

Sales is one of the most important functions in any company. It is what drives growth, brings in revenue, and creates a reputation for a business. This is why most companies invest heavily in their sales team and offer adequate resources for achieving the company goals. One of the most crucial parameters that define the degree of success for salespersons is sales quota attainment.

What is Sales Quota Attainment?

Sales quota attainment measures the performance of the salesperson against the given sales quota at the beginning of a period. The leadership tries to understand if the sales reps have achieved their sales targets for the given period. When they meet their goals, they attain quota. For instance, if your sales team has 75% quota attainment, it means 25% of the allocated quota has not been attained by the team.

If reps have not been able to achieve their targets, it can derail the company from achieving its long-term goals - that’s how important quota attainment is. Due to the dynamic nature of the global economy in recent times, ensuring high quota attainment has been challenging for most companies resulting in missed annual revenue goals.

Due to failure in sales quota management, there can be an increase in employee turnover and a decrease in employee performance. Consequently, it would affect the liquidity of the company, making it difficult to sustain itself in competitive industries. In such a situation, companies need to undertake several steps to improve sales quota attainment.


Sales Quota Attainment Tips to Improve Performance

When it comes to quota attainment, you need to ensure the accuracy of your quota planning process. If there are any flaws in setting the sales quota, even the most experienced salespersons would struggle to meet or surpass their quotas. While on the other hand, if your reps are not motivated to meet their sales quotas, they will struggle to meet them eventually. So, you must set sales quotas in a way that it motivates them to perform better by following some best practices. Here are some useful sales quota attainment tips to help boost the performance of your team.

  • Use Uncapped Commission Structure: Incentives play a crucial role in motivating salespersons to work hard for achieving their quotas. In many cases, companies set capped commissions - the maximum amount that a salesperson can earn as commissions is fixed. This leads to reduced sales rep motivation. They are less likely to go after deal closure when they know that the incremental sales would not yield any benefit. Instead, they might want to postpone the deal to the next period.

    So, it is ideal for implementing an uncapped commission structure in your organisation. This would motivate the reps to close the deals sooner to earn more commissions. For example, if you cap the commissions beyond 125% of the sales quota, the salespersons are unlikely to work hard after they achieve this goal. Whereas, if you do not have any sales commission cap in place, the salespersons will likely continue going after new clients.
  • Offer Proper Coaching and Training: Sales function has evolved at a rapid pace. Companies now use a range of software solutions to optimize the functioning of their sales teams. This makes it extremely important for you to provide proper coaching and training to the salespersons and help them learn best ways to use these platforms to help them at work. Sales coaching can play a crucial role in motivating salespersons to go for higher sales. They will be more engaged with the company, and it would also reduce the attrition rates.

    Salespersons of all levels require proper coaching and training to ensure they have all the skills to achieve their sales quota. Hence, you must lead by example and create customized training modules to keep them motivated. Training and coaching must be an ongoing exercise at your company to ensure that all sales professionals have the necessary skills to excel in competitive markets.
  • Guide New Salespersons: When it comes to new salespersons, it is advisable to be even more proactive. During their ramp time, offer them proper training and guidance as it is not possible for them to achieve 100% efficiency from the first day itself. After their ramp time is completed, start by setting standard sales quotas and slowly graduate to aggressive quotas as their skills develop.
  • Set Incentives as per the Industry Trends: If you want to keep the motivation levels of your salespersons high, you need to benchmark your compensation plans against the industry data. If your incentive packages conform with the industry standards, it will help boost the motivation levels of the salespersons and reduce the attrition rate. You can also optimize the performance of your salespersons by ensuring that the compensation they are receiving is in line with the industry trends.

    When you use the industry standards as the benchmark to compare your incentive plan, it is easier for you to identify any flaws with the plan. This allows you the flexibility to make any changes for improvement. Moreover, you can also ensure that adequate compensation is being offered to the best salespersons. Hence, you are in a better position to retain them.
  • Optimize the Sales Territories: To keep the motivation levels of your salespersons high, it is essential that the sales territories and quotas are aligned with your revenue goals. If you are unable to ensure balanced territories, it can derail the entire sales process across the company. It is easier to blame a salesperson for thinking that the other salesperson has better clients but what you must ensure is that the sales territories offer equal opportunities. When you optimize the sales territories, it helps make sure that all the sales reps have a level playing field. Hence, it is easier for you to monitor the performance of the salespersons and take any corrective actions as and when required. Optimization of sales territories can go a long way in helping with sales quota attainment.


Sales quota attainment plays an important role in sales-oriented organizations. As a sales manager, you need to invest a lot of time and resources in your sales quota-setting practices to be in line with the organizational objectives. You can integrate the latest software solutions with your existing tech stack to optimize the sales-quota-related processes. By upskilling and motivating your salespersons, you can certainly improve the sales quota attainment percentage to drive the growth of your enterprise.


Q1. How do sales quotas help in performance management?

A1. Sales quotas help you monitor your team's performance and allow you to make any changes as and when necessary.

Q2. What are the attributes of a good sales quota plan?

A2. Realistic quotas, equitable sales territories, and well-defined timelines are the key attributes of a good sales quota plan.

Q3. What is a quota strategy?

A3. Quota strategy is an approach undertaken by company leaders to define the sales quotas for different salespersons.

Q4. What is the aim of sales quota?

A4. The aim of a sales quota is to motivate salespersons to work hard for achieving their sales goals.

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