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Frequently asked questions

I don't use a CRM, can ElevateHQ pull data from spreadsheets?

Yes, ElevateHQ can pull data from spreadsheets but these sheets will have to be updated regularly by you and the data displayed may not be realtime. For more details you can contact the ElevateHQ team.

How much time does it take to implement ElevateHQ for my team?

We have a standard timeline of 2 weeks to implement ElevateHQ for you.

I have a complex commission plan. Can my plan be implemented in the system?

At ElevateHQ, we break down a plan into a set of rules which are then incorporated into the system. As such ElevateHQ can incorporate any plan under the sun despite its complexity. For further details you can contact the ElevateHQ team and we'll tell you exactly how we can implement your plan.

Can we make manual adjustments to the commissions for a rep/team?

Yes, you can add extra commission for a user manually. To use this feature the plan leader will have to activate manual adjustments for a specific plan. Once the manual adjustments feature has been activated by the plan leader, adjustments to a user's commission can be made from the Users tab → Select user → Add adjustment.

What type of data does ElevateHQ pull from our CRM/accounting tool?

Details of the API's that ElevateHQ pulls from your data sources are listed under Integrations → Data Source → API's . This is meant to give you complete clarity on the data that ElevateHQ pulls from your data sources.

I have reps across multiple countries, can ElevateHQ support multiple currency conversions?

ElevateHQ has an automatic currency conversion feature where you can set up currencies for different reps. You can even add conversion rates on which you work.

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