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5 Tips To Run Tight Sales Contests

Executive summary:

Five tips for running tight sales contests:

  • Keep it simple
  • Involve your team in the planning
  • Give regular updates and keep the highest possible visibility
  • Keep your word
  • Hand out prizes ASAP

We've all been there – the adrenaline rush of hitting those targets, the thrill of sealing the deal, and the high-fives exchanged in the office corridors. Whether you're a seasoned sales leader or just got handed the reins, we've got your back on designing and executing those contests that don't just motivate but ignite.

Picture this: sales contests that spark a fire in your team's belly, unleash their competitive spirit, and drive results that could give rocket launches a run for their money. It's not just about dangling carrots – crafting an experience that transforms "Oh, I have to hit my numbers" into "Hell yeah, I've got this!"

But where do you start?

How do you ensure that your sales contest isn't just a flash in the pan but a strategic powerhouse that shapes behaviors, smashes quotas, and keeps the energy sky-high?

At the heart of it all, it's about changing behaviors to achieve the results that light up your scoreboard.

How to run tight sales contests?

There's more to it than slapping a contest with fancy prizes. Let's crack the code on running sales contests that leave a lasting impact, driving your team to conquer new heights while having a blast.

1. Keep it simple

When you're designing your sales contest, remember that clarity is king. Your sales reps should be able to grasp the rules faster than they can say "pipeline."

So, what's a simple contest?

Picture this: It's like creating a sales quest that even a friendly neighborhood spider could understand - it could be a sweet reward for snagging the crown of "Most Meetings Set in a Month" or a victory lap for turbocharging your "Calls-to-Meeting Conversion" by 5%.

By keeping it straightforward, you're not just setting the stage for epic wins but also ensuring that your team is laser-focused on achieving the desired outcomes.

When crafting these contests, your North Star should be nothing less than transforming your team's actions to nail those desired outcomes.

So, what's the playbook for crafting these game-changers?

It's all about nudging your sellers to do something fresh, turn the dial on what they're already nailing, or even hit the brakes on specific behaviors.

Here's the secret handshake: understanding what drives your team's contest mojo.

Knowing what makes them tick, what ignites their passion, and what gets them sprinting towards that finish line is like having a superpower.

It's about decoding their motives or giving it your best shot.

Remember, a contest isn't just about fancy graphics and top-tier prizes; it's about speaking your team's language and tapping into their aspirations.


Keeping your contests straightforward and crystal clear gives your team the green light to dive in without deciphering hieroglyphics.

2. Involve your team

Your sales champs have a seat at the brainstorming table, chipping in their thoughts and feeling like they're crafting the ultimate quest for glory.

Why's this such a game-changer?

  • First, when your sales heroes have a hand in the game, they're not just players but also invested creators. It's like they've got a personal stake in the success, and that passion translates to extra miles on the sales journey.

  • The best rewards are the ones that make their hearts skip a beat. By involving them, you're ensuring that the prize pool isn't just what you think they want but what they're genuinely gunning for.

  • It's also about that feeling of being in the inner circle. When your sales reps are part of the planning posse, they're not just spectators but co-conspirators. They'll be more engaged, committed, and thrilled to jump on board and give it their all.

Plus, you're sending a message that you're not just dropping contests from the heavens – crafting experiences tailored to their desires and dreams.

3. Give regular updates

In the world of contests, transparency isn't just a buzzword – it's like the wind beneath your sales champions' wings.

Imagine this: your sales reps have a front-row seat to the battle, seeing exactly where they stand and what's on the line. It's like turning a competition into a dynamic spectacle where everyone's in the know.

It's all about that hunger for victory, that desire to see your name up there with the greats.

We're talking about sales reps who wake up every day fueled by the knowledge that they're not just playing a game but charging toward the finish line with a burning desire to win.

And guess what?

When they can track their progress, witness their ups and downs, and spot their competition, that drive to excel goes through the roof.

With ElevateHQ, setting up and running this visually is as simple as a swish and a flick – no spells required! And let's be real: when your sales aces see their progress laid out in all its glory, when they can see themselves climbing that ladder of success, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

4. Keep your word

Keeping your promises, no funny business allowed.

Remember that tale from 2002 when a waitress snagged a contest win for a Toyota and ended up with a toy Yoda instead? She sued her employer and won!

Lesson learned: never promise what you can't deliver. If you veer off the honesty highway, you're cruising into the danger zone.

Trust lost is like finding a needle in a haystack – tough to get back and a headache you don't need. Stick to your word, and you're not just handing out prizes; you're doling out trust and respect.

5. Give out the prizes ASAP

Delayed gratification?

Not a good idea!

When that contest wraps up and the champions emerge, don't keep them hanging. Hand out those prizes pronto.


Because instant wins are the jet fuel for motivation.

When your winners can savor their success right away, the energy skyrockets. It's like fueling up for the next race while the victory dance is still fresh. Fast prizes mean fired-up reps and fired-up reps mean your next contest is gearing up to be even more electrifying.

Wrap Up

With all the ammunition you need to run tight sales contests, the only thing remaining is running it! Let us know how it goes 🙂

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