ElevateHQ is a High Performer in G2's Summer '23 Reports

Summer is just starting and that means G2’s Summer Reports are out.

ElevateHQ has been named a “High Performer” and has bagged 10 badges including the “Most Implementable”, “Easiest Admin”, and “Highest User Adoption”. A huge thank you to to our customers and everyone who has supported us in this journey so far 🙏

Check out our reviews on G2.

We’re especially proud of a few badges:

  • Most Implementable Commission Software
  • Commission Software with Easiest Admin
  • Commission Software with Highest User Adoption

Anyone managing commissions will know it’s not easy to being the admin - we’re making it as easy as possible for them to enjoy this process.

We’ve written a couple blogs around implementation nightmares (and how to avoid them) and choosing commission software. If you’re looking for software or in the process of implementation, these will be an exciting read.

Thinking of automation commissions this year? I’ll be happy to exchange notes and share more of our learnings having spent 5000+ hours automating commissions across industries.

Don't want to check out the product yet but want to chat about commission plans? Write to me at akash@elevate.so. I respond to all emails personally

Aloha, good folks 👋

Managing sales commissions over spreadsheets is a soul-sucker.

Here’s why:

• You can’t track commission data in real-time as it’s not integrated with your CRM or invoicing software.

• You find yourself resolving way too many disputes and answering tons of back-and-forth emails.

ElevateHQ kills this drama.

See you around?