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A Complete Guide to Sales Compensation for SaaS Companies

Are you structuring sales compensation for your SaaS company? Are you looking to making it perfect?

In this guide, we give you answers to all the important questions, including:

  • ▪   What KPIs to incentivize your reps on?
  • ▪   How frequently should you incentivize your reps?
  • ▪   Should there be cliffs, caps, accelerators in your plan?

Sales compensation is a subject that successful companies don’t take lightly. Ask any established business how they got to where they are. And they’ll tell you that while they fumbled and stumbled along the way, the one thing they always tried to get right was how they paid their sales reps!

Effective sales compensation essentially boils down to three things: paying your reps well, on time, and per your business goals.

That’s why we’ve prepared this definitive guide for our readers — one that covers all the crucial aspects of sales compensation, particularly for SaaS companies.

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