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Invoice-based commissions: The what, why, and how

"When should commissions be paid" is an important question. We help you get to the answer.

In this eBook, we give you answers to all the important questions, including:

  • ▪   Why and when do closure-based commissions work?
  • ▪   What are the biggest decisions you need to make when including an invoice component?
  • ▪   What factors influence these decisions?
  • ▪   What combination of commission plan is best for you?

RevOps and finance leaders often face a big question concerning sales commissions: when to pay commissions. It’s a tricky subject as it involves human emotions and reactions, and any mistake can negatively impact sales performance.

A vital decision around sales compensation is to decide when commissions should be paid. Should they be paid when a deal is closed or when an invoice is raised or when an invoice is paid?

This eBook helps you make that decision. We’ll dive deep into why existing systems work, whether you should consider including an invoice-based component in your commission plan and if yes, what weightage should it be given.

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