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How to compensate success teams to maximize revenue

Want to get your success team compensation right?

In our e-book, we give you all the knowledge you need to compensate your success team to maximize revenue, including:

  • ▪   What are the biggest decisions you need to make?
  • ▪   What factors influence these decisions and how?
  • ▪   What kind of CS person do you need to hire?

While ‘customer success’ was first seen in mainstream jobs way back in the mid-1990s, it is still considered a relatively new field in the larger scheme of (SaaS-related) things. The roots of this modern-day, multifunctional business unit can be traced back to roles in customer support and account management.

Given their critical role in driving product adoption and revenue, CS teams are often incentivized using variable pay.

This ebook was created to help companies looking to add a variable component to the compensation packages of their CS team, as well as companies that want to evaluate their CS team’s existing compensation structure.

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