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This ebook addresses the key decisions to make and implementation strategy for different company sizes. We have covered everything you need to know to get started or better your comp plan for CS teams.

Compensation strategy for CS teams

What can you expect in this e-book?

Here are three things we have covered in-depth in this e-book to compensate your success team to maximize revenue:

  •   🤔 What are the biggest decisions you need to make?
  •   ❓ What factors influence these decisions and how?
  •   🧑‍🏫 What kind of CS person do you need to hire?

Determining variable pay for customer success teams presents challenges in metric definition. Unlike sales, where revenue is key, customer success metrics like retention rate, NPS, and CSAT lack nuance. Balancing quantitative and qualitative measures complicates fair compensation.

The interdependency with other departments adds complexity. Success hinges on product quality, sales handoffs, and marketing, beyond the team's control. Disputes over fair compensation arise when attributing success solely to their efforts.

This ebook addresses these complexities for companies to add or evaluate a variable component to compensation packages.

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