What makes ElevateHQ stand apart from Spiff?

Feature ElevateHQ Spiff
Spiff 2 Weeks 12+ Weeks
Setup fee Free Additional Cost
DIY designer Intuitive and user-friendly Complex
Dedicated Support Free Additional cost
Notifcation Persnalized and Custom General
Setup time
2 weeks
12+ weeks
Setup fee
Additional cost
DIY Designer
Intuitive and user-friendly
Dedicated Support
Additional cost
Personalized and custom

Hit the ground running in 2 weeks

We understand that time is of the essence. So, whether it's setting up your commission plan or payout rule, we only ask for 1 to 2 weeks to get your system up and running. That's all!


Connect once & lets us do the rest

Compared to Spiff's limited tool integrations, ElevateHQ supports data integration with over 50 tools. Seamlessly import your entire sales performance data and analyze, visualize, or sterilize.


Choose notifications that you want and where you want them

Looking for constant updates about commissions or quota attainment status? Then Spiff is definitely not the tool for you. Also, pick ElevateHQ to reduce chatter and receive notifications that only you want.


We're always here and we come for free

Yes, you heard us right! Why pay for something that you could get for free (and rightly so) with ElevateHQ? Whether it's sales incentive plan onboarding, testing, or roll-outs, our solution engineering team has got you covered.

What our users say?

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