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What makes ElevateHQ stand apart from CaptivateIQ?

Feature ElevateHQ CaptivateIQ
Onboarding time 2 Weeks 12+ Weeks
Data updates Real-time Report-based
Commission simulation Flexible Not supported
Setup fee Free Additional cost
Dedicated support Free Additional cost
Notifications Personalized and custom General

Hit the ground running in 2 weeks

We understand that time is of the essence. So, whether it's setting up your commission plan or payout rule, we only ask for 1 to 2 weeks to get your system up and running. That's all!


Connect once & let us do the rest

Tired of manually generating Salesforce reports every time you use CaptivateIQ? Eliminate manual data updates with ElevateHQ’s 50+ seamless integrations to your favorite CRMs, ERPs, and databases.


What if?

Feeling a little lost with CaptivateIQ, are we? But what if there was a tool that could tell you how much you’d earn by attending that meeting or closing that deal? Empower yourself with the knowledge of deals that matter and things you should focus on.


We're always here and for free

Yes, you heard us right! Why pay for something that you could get for free (and rightly so) with ElevateHQ? Whether it's sales incentive plan onboarding, testing, or roll-outs, our solution engineering team has got you covered.

What our users say?

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