Powerful Incentive Tracking for Insurance Firms

Sales team too spread out? ElevateHQ helps bring them closer.

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Automation meets customization.

With several in-house reps and multiple agent / channel partner tie-ups, insurance firms tend to have large diversified sales teams and complicated comp plans. We’re here to make things simpler.

Automated commission tracking with audit log

Do away with those tedious excel sheets and let ElevateHQ’s dynamic engine do your bidding instead — tracking, updating, and displaying your reps’ earnings in real-time … all the time.

Streamlined quotas

Easily edit individual and team quotas, or create new ones altogether. Boot up our proprietary software and turn a plan into a plan of action in a matter of clicks.

Customized nudges

With a distributed sales team, a well-timed motivating pop-up can be a godsend, turning a missed quota into a home run. That’s why we let you decide when and what alerts to send your reps.

Manage teams

with agility. Drive decisions with data.

No matter how massive your sales operations, no matter how fragmented your crew, ElevateHQ unites them all under one nimble, automated, data-powered roof.

Consolidated approval workflows

Your reps could be in Baghdad or Bakersfield, Tunisia or Tulsa — our centralized workflows allow all relevant stakeholders to instantly sign off on any commission or process documents.

Agile team management

Reps, agents, channel partners, customer success — the insurance sales roster is vast and varied. ElevateHQ’s agile engine lets you add/remove team members, switch territories, and change users' teams at any time.

Actionable analytics

Data is a formidable tool, but it needs to be wielded well. ElevateHQ syncs data from all your sales tools and provides powerful real-time insights on any metric you like — on a dashboard as tailorable as cloth.

Great at automating reconciliations. First-rate at third-party integrations.

In-built integrations to get you live faster. And customized schedules to keep your payments error-free and snappier.

Seamless integrations

Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Pipedrive, Chargebee, Quickbooks, Oracle, NetSuite, SAP — you name it, we integrate with it. Some data sources even come pre-integrated so you can get moving from the get-go.

Timely and accurate payouts

No one likes a late payer, least of all your reps who grind it out for you. Use ElevateHQ to set up custom rules for payment disbursals, then kick back and relax while our solution takes care of the rest.

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Tired of running your commissions on spreadsheets? Afraid of switching because it may be too costly, or time consuming? Well, allow us to take care of all that and more.